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When operating a compressor, the most critical condition is during start/stop operation, pressurized standstill or when the compressor is rotating slowly. Unconditioned process gas may then contaminate the dry gas seals leading to seal failures; resulting in costly repairs, unplanned compressor downtime and high production losses.

The RoTechBooster is a first in class electrically driven seal gas booster that keeps dry gas seals reliably clean not only during standby conditions, but any time insufficient seal gas flow occurs. Its rotating design allows your compressor to be placed in a pressurized hold for nearly unlimited time.


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Operators benefit in various ways by using a RoTechBooster. Its sophisticated design and proven track record make it a worthwhile investment that enhances the entire plant operation. Learn more about the RoTechBooster and why it outperforms other seal gas boosters.

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The RoTechBooster was developed from the proven EagleBurgmann Hyperbaric Blower technology, used to circulate high pressure breathing gases such as helium and oxygen in hyperbaric diving chambers in the deep-sea diving industry. This blower technology is also used in many industrial and nuclear environments, to safely and reliably circulate dangerous or explosive gases in closed systems.

Since then the EagleBurgmann RoTechBoosters have been implemented around the globe. More than 500 operators from a variety of industries already trust this first-class technology. We are confident that the RoTechBooster’s performance speaks for itself. 

Browse through the references and case studies in our interactive world map and learn how RoTechBooster helps operators improve operational reliability and compressor efficiency.

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Clean gas despite fluctuating operating conditions

In a combined cycle power plant in Buenos Aires, contaminated process gas repeatedly led to seal failures with considerable damage to the compressors and uncontrolled process gas leakage. Customer-specific RoTechBooster® Skids and PDGS10 gas seal have proven to be successful countermeasures.


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Dry gas seal failures: Causes, consequences, analyses

Understand dry gas seal and system design. Learn how to best avoid dry gas seal failures during compressor operation and pressurized holds to improve your compressor’s reliability. 

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Learn more about why seal gas boosters are required and the benefits the right booster will provide for you.