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The RoTechBooster

The robust RoTechBooster design leads to unparalleled performance and reliability. It gives operators an unequivocal advantage not only compared to conventional piston boosters, but also to other rotating systems available in the market.

Seal gas booster technology

Centrifugal design for excellent results.

The EagleBurgmann RoTechBooster sets a high operational efficiency standard, leaving traditional seal gas booster solutions far behind.

A key feature is the unique rotating design in combination with the high efficiency magnetic coupling. The magnetically coupled drive keeps everything 100% hermetically sealed. This eliminates emissions and increases safety for the personnel. The high efficiency pressure barrier is maintenance free and leading-edge technology delivering extremely low eddy current losses. The state-of-the-art impeller design handles a wide range of operating pressures as well as varying gas density worry free.

The third plus is the directly coupled standard electrical motor and bypassing pressure reduction elements. This minimizes required horsepower and ensures lower capital investment.

RoTechBooster advantages in brief:

  • Proven technology
  • Simple set-up and easy operation
  • Virtually wear free operation 
  • Enables low pressure start permissive
  • Minimum maintenance efforts 
  • Energy efficient technology
  • Environmentally friendly solution

For a detailed cross-category comparison see the table below.


The RoTechBooster is available in various sizes to meet most application requirements. Try out our selection tool to find the best RoTechBooster for your specific application.

Selection Tool

Rotating design benefits

Excels where piston boosters fall short.

For decades, air-driven piston boosters have been the imposed decision. Unfortunately, many users have experienced poor reliability, especially when requiring long periods of operation. The need for seal gas flow beyond the design’s ability, has also contributed to their poor performance. 

The air driven systems are complex, not only for the booster itself but for the controls to ensure its operation, over pressure protection and seal wear monitoring. With their many moving parts and high utility requirements, these maintenance-intensive systems are a very uneconomical choice.

Piston type booster flow capabilities are often below minimum flow requirements. Two or more of these units are required to achieve the minimum process labyrinth velocity. The choice is then to accept lower than recommended velocities or a higher air consumption and cost associated with multiple units.

An application-oriented comparison illustrates the RoTechBooster cost advantages over an air-driven piston booster.

Comparison Calculation

Cross-Category Comparison

First in class. Best in class.

See for yourself.


  Dynamic seal gas boosters Positive displacement seal gas boosters  
Feature Booster 1
EagleBurgmann RoTechBooster
Booster 2 Booster 3 Booster 1 Booster 2 Booster 3 Benefits a RoTechBooster delivers
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) 1,000 bar (14,500 psi) 350 bar
(5,000 psi)
n/a 114 bar 1,500 bar
(21,750 psi)
90 bar
(1,305 psi)
Simpler and more compact solution to incorporate into a seal gas system. Proven high-pressure capability for offshore, gas reinjection and high-pressure pipelines.
Temperature range -70 ... 250 °C
(-94 … 482 °F)
-20 ... 180 °C
(-4 … 356 °F)
n/a 30 ... 99 °C
(-22 … 210 °F)
... 100 °C
(… 212 °F)
... 200 °C
(… 392 °F)
Operating references from cryogenic to high temperature applications.
Service interval
(in operating hours)
24,000 h 24,000 h n/a 8,000 h 1,000 h 2,500+ h Units with 24,000 hrs of operation to support specified maintenance cycles.
Magnetic coupling EagleBurgmann
high efficiency coupling
(not accepted
for ASME
n/a Titanium n/a n/a A magnetic coupling is the most environmentally friendly solution, as it eliminates the need for seals and leakage associated with them.
Leakage None None None None Significant Significant EagleBurgmann has extensiveexperience with all magnetic coupling designs and has selected its high efficiency couplings due to the benefits it brings to the application; such as energy efficiency and proven technology to 1,100 Bar.
Variable Frequency
Drive (VFD)
Optional Mandatory n/a Mandatory n/a n/a No VFD is required for most applications, which simplifies implementation.
Energy Electric Electric Electric Electric Pneumatic Pneumatic The RoTechBooster consumes ~41% less energy than an air-driven booster to generate seal gas flow for the same application.
Efficiency at generating flow Highest High High Medium Low Low The RoTechBooster is the most efficient for providing the highest flow capacity of all seal gas boosters.
Additional API 692
None None None None

1. Cycle counter
2. Flare or vent
3. Requires
relaxed flow

1. Cycle counter
2. Flare or vent
3. Requires
relaxed flow

The RoTechBooster complies with API 692 and delivers the same seal gas velocity across the process labyrinth during a static condition as that required in a dynamic condition. There is no concern with relaxing the velocity for a static condition as identified in API 692.
ATEX Zone 1 Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 1 Zone 1 Zone 1 The RoTechBooster can be certified for Zone 1 allowing its use in more stringent electrical environments. Has been certified for many regions and applications around the world.


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